I attended the One Blogger Boss Workshop and met empowered women

canadian tuxedo with light denim shirt and light washed jeans with white tank top and steve madden heels with dallas skyline backdropblogger boss golden braceletHello berries! Before we head into the weekend (praise for warmer days!) I wanted to fill y’all in on what I was up to last weekend. As y’all know I have recently started blogging – and while I learned the basics back in college, I am one of those people that is always trying to learn. Now I’m not gonna lie, I was so nervous about signing up for this class. I get social anxiety, especially when I am with people that I don’t know, so I was very worried. But I gave myself a pep talk as I signed up for the class, telling myself not to get inside my head and and think people are judging me for what I look like. (We all have our insecurities y’all – this is one of mine)

Boy was I wrong! First off Brooke (aka One Small Blonde ) was super welcoming and nice. The minute I met her, my anxiety just simmered away and I came out of my shell. But I think one of the reasons why I felt so comfortable around Brooke was because she was genuine and real. I have heard horror stories of bloggers who are one thing on the ‘gram and a completely different thing in person. Throughout the entire weekend, Brooke kept it real with us, which I loved. She gave us the tough love when we needed it and took us by the hand when we needed guidance. She knew exactly how to empower us to get ourselves to the next level.

But Brooke was the one person I knew I would meet – what gave me the most anxiety was meeting the other women who would be in attendance. I didn’t know if I would get along with them, if we would all connect and honestly my greatest fear was if I would be the odd ball out. My mind tends to create the worst-case scenarios possible (working on changing this!) so it was exciting, and no surprise, when I instantly started talking with Jozy and Lauren at our get-to-know-everyone happy hour we had at Dolce Riviera. (which is bomb, if y’all haven’t tried it and live in Dallas – go, ya won’t regret it). That was when I first started feeling empowered because these women were empowered themselves. I was so impressed with them and their backgrounds, but I was so humbled and surprised when their reactions towards my background was the same. And to be honest then we just bonded over food and wine – who doesn’t?

But Saturday and Sunday was when we all really started to bond even more. It was where I really got to know Delaney, Jamie and Kaley. I learned we are all in different stages of our blogger journeys – but we all have similar fears or we are equally lost on some technicalities. I also learned we all like to crack jokes and poke fun at ourselves when we can. The atmosphere was never stressful or awkward, rather it was always fun and friendly.

I was also super lucky and got to meet Rhonda Jenkins (aka The Skinny Arm) who I had been emailing with and had been following her on Insta for a while. And honestly I just love her and her energy. Rhonda is just one of those women that is so empowered that she brightens up a room and makes you see things in a different light – and I’m thankful I have crossed paths with her. But not only did I get to meet her in person, I was able to sit down with her, Taylor (of It Crowd Marketing) and Brooke and just ask question about the blogging world and influencers and brands.

These women (of all ages) truly inspired me. Hearing them talk about their journeys, experiences and where they see they want to be, empowered me. I am now not afraid to dream big. I wanted to keep my dreams realistically – but are they really considered dreams then? In these women I found a support system and a place where I can share my doubts and fears and be greeted with encouragement and help. Not only that, but when we went to happy hour at Bar Stellar (order the mimosa, it is delicious and MASSIVE, so it’s great for sharing), I was so relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it. I wasn’t worried about the people around me and what they thought of me, I just enjoyed the moment I was living in. And that was in part, thanks to these women who taught me to just let go and live. Cause as a blogger ya can’t be worried about people watching you pose and snap pictures.

This workshop didn’t just give me knowledge on blogging, but it put empowered women in my path who in turn are empowering me. Both of these I will forever be grateful to Brooke for, because without her humbleness to teach newcomers, I wouldn’t have grown the way I did and met these empowered women. By the end of the weekend I realized that while we are each different, we all just regular women – sharing our passions with the world.

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